C H R I S T O F F E R  F E R R E I R A
I’m a Houston based photographer who is passionate about documenting and capturing genuine life moments.
What do I do?
Rather than lining people up, ordering them around and forcing them to smile until their faces hurt, I seek to document the special moments between you & your family. Those small things that makes your day unique to you, and only you.
With a focus on candid portrait photography, my eye is driving towards the human elements and emotions between people: the happiness and humor, the laughter and love. This mindset also translates throughout my personal projects.
Who am I?
I was born on a remote island in the Baltic ocean, and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have spent the past decade away from the Nordic Region. Having lived in Southeast China and Los Angeles, I have found a new home in Houston. With a drive and curiosity for meeting new people from different cultures, my zest and experiences has helped shape my unique perspective, that I like to believe is seen through my lens. 

Available upon commission for single portraits, family excursions, engagements, and the like.
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Email: Chris.ferreira@rocketmail.com
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