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The Taiya's live in a small brick house tucked away in the mountains of Juifen, an hour drive from Taipei. In the daytime they run a small coffee shop in their home in order to help their son with college tuition. Originally from Nantou, central Taiwan, the Taiya's are part of the Atayal tribe, one of the few indigenous groups of Taiwanese aborigines.


Lightning storm over volcano plug Sierra Prieta, Yavapai county. What was once home to the indigenous Yavapai tribe, also known as the "people of the sun", how holds less than 2% natives of the local population. According to the indigenous, lighting has great power in healing rituals and is associated with wind, rain and crop growth.


in 2015, the European Union declared it was under the worst immigration crisis since WWII. Refugees and migrants from countries such as Syria are fleeing ongoing wars and persecution. These young men traveled by boat illegally across the Mediterranean Sea into Macedonia. From there they walked 2200 miles to Denmark to seek asylym. The Danish government has provided them with temporary stay in immigration camps and a $7 daily cash allowance. Starting in Januarty 2016, they will require to take classes in order to learn the Danish language in hopes of remaining in the country and contribute to society one day. 


Bombay Beach is located 100 k North from Mexico and at 68 meters below sea level, it is the lowest elevated community in Northen America. Home to approximately 300 residents where one thirds are below the poverty live, it is easy to forget that this is California. What was once predicted to be a flourishing destination, Bombay Beach now stands as a neglected waste. 


Shanghai Old Millfun, a montrous concrete, steel, and glass slaughterhouse built in early twentieth century during pre-communist Shanghai. Originally designed by Balfour, a British Architect, and build by the Yu Hond Ji Contruction company in 1933. It is now the last remaining of its kind in the world. The other two, one in London and one in the U.S., has been demolished. Located in one of the busiest metropolises in Asia, it is easy to forget where in the world one might be, while walking silenced through this massive desolated building.


the Women's March 2017 saw various subcultures unite across the U.S.. In order to bring attention towards policies regarding gender and race equality, human rights, as well as immigration and healthcare reform. People gathered to major cities in the U.S. to what eventually resulted in the largest single-day protest in the countrs history.

Los Angeles

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