New friends. Leyte, Central Philippines
Mary Allen College, first black womens college in Texas
Xi'an, Central China
Hangzhou, China
Manila: the most densely populated city. Philippines
Tainan, Taiwan
Catholic mid-night march. Pampanga, Northen Philippines
Abandoned vacation town. Salton Sea, Southern California
Tricycle driver with knife scars. Manila, Philippines
Shanghai tower in progress. Shanghai, China
Slaughter house build in 1933. Shanghai, China
Womens March, Los Angeles
Cabin for the night in the ghost town of Randsburg. Mojave desert, California
Badminton by the temples. Shanghai, China
Syrian refugees, Denmark
What was once home of the Yavapai aka "people of the sun" tribe. Northen, Arizona
Lonely lunch. Okinawa, Japan
Native Atayal outside their home. Jiufen mountains, Taiwan
Ancient pagoda by Westlake. Hangzhou, China

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